Thursday, August 30, 2012

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Douglas Scown will be working every second Saturday starting this weekend (1st September 2012)

Groin pain and hip joints

While chiropractors are known as 'back' or spine people we deal more accurately with issues associated with the axial (or midline) skeleton and it's mechanisms of support.

Groin pain is a very common presenting complaint in a chiropractors office and can be a challenge to accurately diagnose.

While there are many possible causes of hip/groin pain the most common sources of discomfort are either in or around the hip joint itself.  Less common are sources which refer pain into the groin.  Hip problems themselves can also refer pain to the pelvis, back, thigh and knee.

The very sensitive sacroiliac joint ligaments can also be responsible for 'hip' pain.

One of he most common source of pain in the groin is considered to be a pinching of the sensitive material surrounding the hip joint (FAI).  This can be mild or severe, acute or chronic and be brought on by athletic injury, repetitive movements, degeneration, dysplasia, hypermobility or a combination.  Sensitive structures can be nipped and irritated leading to inflammation and in some cases destruction of the cartilage.

It is very common for these patients to present with pain and stiffness generally in the pelvic girdle (which is functionally interwoven with the spine) which contributes to dysfunction and disability.

In most cases patients respond very well to education and rehabilitation which principally involves groin, hip and pelvic mobility and avoiding deep flexion (eg deep squats and lunging).  In some cases where pain is severe or an athlete wishes to return to activity rapidly CT guided injections into the hip can help.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sitting is deadly

Sitting is Deadly Still-2_small.jpg

This is a must see episode from catalyst

We still believe in the myth that injury and illness are caused by overdoing things.  Well there is overwhelming evidence that it is inactivity which is the principle cause of not only reduced life expectancy but a dramatic increase in almost every form of chronic disease and illness.

Sitting is actually OK.  It is prolonged inactivity which harms us.

The human body and brain evolved first and foremost as a complex mobile organism.  It's joints are designed to perform movements which are intricately controlled by the nervous system.

Prolonged inactivity sees a breakdown not only in the physical structure of the body but the mechanisms which control it's varied functions.

National Geographic pointed out the irony in their Death by Convenience article a few years ago (which I cannot seem to find online).

Move it or lose it.