Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Migraine - A brain disorder

Our view of migraine needs to change.  It's now established that it is a condition whereby the brain can't easily control (INHIBIT) the many sensations which constantly flood into it from all areas of the body.

Headache is only ONE symptom of migraine and often it is not even the most bothersome.  Fatigue, cognitive problems and other body sensitivities commonly overshadow any head pain.  The headache itself can change over time leading people to believe that they grew out of migraine.  They will remark "I don't get migraines any more, just tension headaches (which may become chronic).  Tension 'Type' Headache is even seen by some researchers as being a form of chronic migraine type headache (there has never been any scientific evidence of muscle 'tension' in the scalp)

Head pain can actually be a major distraction because if the actual problem (a brain regulation issue) is not addressed the disorder will be poorly managed.  Many migraineur's go through life thinking they are just unlucky because there appear to be so many different things wrong with them when in fact they are all symptoms of the one condition.

So these days Migraine = headache is like saying Earth = Flat.  It certainly appears that way but the reality is entirely different.

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