Sunday, July 28, 2013

Move it or lose it. Why stress is good.

Explanations of joint pathology, the reasons why it may have developed and what can be done about it can become complex and difficult to understand.  In particular information relating to the structure and function of biological systems is continually mounting.  Much of the time we tell patients that in the end it boils down to a lack of complex movement.  In days past 'overdoing it' led to injury and trouble but is that what happens most of the time?

The phrase 'move it or lose it' is old and I suspect it's been around in some form for thousands of years.  We observe what happens when we don't move.  We become weak and flaccid, our balance deteriorates and there is evidence that even our automatic functions (such as blood pressure) which are neurologically controlled become disordered and dysfunctional. 

Neuroscience is now mapping out the mechanisms whereby we break down due to a LACK of stress.

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