Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Harvard Health Letter Recommends Chiropractic For Back Pain

Health Care Professionals are supposed to be problem solvers.

Chronic spine related problems are the worlds number one health burden, both a major problem for the public at large and a health care system which often struggles to deal with this difficult health issue. And Better health care depends upon close collaboration between the various professions. Different professions have their strengths or historical focuses on particular problems or conditions, making the chiropractic profession unique in some respects. For over 100 years it has, ironically, chosen conservative or non surgical spine care as it's 'backbone' with regards to patient care.

So how does a member of the public make a decision with regards to their problem? Who do you see? You GP? Physiotherapist? Chiropractor? Osteopath? Massage Therapist? Exercise physiologist?

Most people operate on a combination of referral (GP, close colleague or friend) and convenience when making a decision as to who to consult. No matter who you see, what we are all supposed to be doing is referring to what is called the 'literature' (the most up to date information) once we have made a tissue diagnosis - our questions and examination should lead us to a better understanding of what your problem is and therefore what the literature suggests is a beneficial treatment for you. This should include a prognosis or how long we can expect the problem to resolve.


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